Camila Santiago - From Bump to Babies


I was born in Brazil and since I was a child I had a fascination with pregnancy and babies. Brazil ranks the highest rate of c-sections in the world (about 56% public sector and 84% private sector) and even higher statistics of obstetric violence experienced by several generations of women - including in my own family. This being part of my culture and possibly my fate as a Brazilian woman, I knew I wanted to contribute to change this sad reality and break the cycle of violence in childbirth. I've worked as a Newborn Specialist for over a decade and then became a Doula in 2013. Shortly after in 2014 I started my Midwifery studies. I also became a mother of 2 daughters through 2 empowering and transformative home births. After my own home birth experiences I felt the urge to advance my career in midwifery. I wanted to have the honor to serve mothers and families while respectfully welcoming their babies through a model of care that only midwives can offer.

I am a firm believer that every new human being deserves the chance to come earth-side in a respectful and gentle manner. Every mother deserves to have autonomy and protagonism in their birth experiences. Shared decision making, evidence based and individualized care are the core of how I practice.


I provide full prenatal and postpartum care to families seeking to either give birth at home or at the hospital, pre-conception counseling, well child care up to 24 months and placenta services. Proudly serving Portuguese and Spanish speaking families as well.

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