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Cassie Franco - Cassie Franco Midwife

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There is no right way to birth.  There is only what is right for you. Home, hospital, unmedicated, epidural, in a birthing tub or in an operating room.  You have choices.  My goal for every family I work with is that they feel heard, supported and safe as they explore these choices.  I believe clear open communication, a holistic approach to wellness and the Midwives Model of Care with a trained birth attendant, such as myself, is a great way to discover what is right for you.  I offer home birth midwifery services, including comprehensive prenatal care and postpartum care through 12 weeks.  I provide prenatal and postpartum care for families wanting to birth in the hospital with an Obstetrician, as well as placenta encapsulation services.

"After having my daughter in the hospital my husband and I decided when I got pregnant with my son that a home birth was going to be a better fit for us.  I interviewed Cassie and immediately knew she was the midwife I wanted to work with.  I loved my entire journey with Cassie and the care she gave me.  She always took her time with me at each appointment and walked me through so many things I just didn't know when I had my daughter.  She really listened and respected what I expected and and wanted during the birth of my son.  The night I went into labor she got there as soon as we called and did an amazing job keeping calm and making sure I was as comfortable as possible.  When it was time to deliver baby she helped get me in the tub and coach me through the birth exactly the way we talked about.  After he arrived I love that we were able to go right to our bed while Cassie took so much time with me and baby after the birth to make sure we were both doing well and healthy.  I highly recommend Cassie and home birth and can say it was a better experience than I could have ever imagined." - Crissy

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