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Erica Delmore - Homebirth Services of Southern Nevada

Erica Headshot.jpg

I became a midwife because, I believe that women deserve to know what their options are.  I want women to know that they can take back their autonomy and power, trust their bodies, and birth in a way that feels natural and best for them.  I completed my midwifery apprenticeship in 2015.  During my studies I learned not only the art of midwifery itself, but equally as important, I learned about the importance of midwifery care being made available to all women.  Homebirth Services of Southern Nevada offers full spectrum maternity and well woman care.  Some of the services provided are: prenatal care, yearly paps, lactation counseling. I offer full prenatal care for women who are seeking either a home or hospital birth.

"Erica has been an essential part of my pregnancy and postpartum journey. Ever since we sat down together for the first time i felt understood and cared for. She respected and supported all of mine and my partner's decisions. i just love the fact that she is very honest and straight forward but with such tender touch, I had a good time during our prenatal visits. Before I got pregnant I knew that i wanted to have a home birth so I could create my own little birthing space, where there was no judgments, where I felt safe and comfortable one hundred percent and I knew the people involved needed to provide all of these for me and that is exactly what Erica did for me. She believed in me and supported me even more than some of my skeptical family members, cant thank her enough for all the encouragement and dedication she gave me. She deserves more recognition for the amazing work she does I can really tell she loves and enjoys it. Thanks to her, my birthing experience was everything I wanted. Dad, mom and baby felt loved and cared for." - Antuanett

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